June 1, 2015

Last month in Beijing, Chinese government destroyed over 600 kilograms of ivory-related ornaments and products as part of its commitment to ending global illegal wildlife trafficking.

The destruction process which was done at a Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center by feeding ivory ornaments into a machine that pulverized them is the third of such public pulverizing processing of confiscated elephant ivories in China since 2014 and further reinforces China’s commitment to eventually halt the commercial processing and sale of ivory and its products in the country.

Wildlife trafficking, fueled by skyrocketing demand for elephant ivory in Asian markets has led to underground trades and criminal activities and killing of thousands of African elephants which has become a major global challenge with many implications, including economic, health, security and especially wildlife conservation.

Other countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Chad, Belgium, the United States, U.K, France, the United Arab Emirates, and the Congo, have also taken similar actions and commitments.

Earlier this year the White House held meeting with key stakeholders on how to address issues of terrorism and wildlife trafficking.

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