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Africa Turns a New Page: In a Continent Known for Corruption, Transparency is the New Black

As transparency becomes a prerequisite for some investors to invest on the continent, perhaps now more than any other time in the history of the continent should it become a style, a way of doing business not just to attract foreign investments and businesses, but also in the ways governments, and other leaders conduct themselves.

By placing significant emphasis on transparency, holding leaders accountable for their conduct, analysts believe that Africa now has the potential to bring about a future that would have been unimaginable a generation ago. But to realize this potential, African leaders will have to drive the structural transformation necessary to achieve the goals to inclusive and sustainable growth. The result could be an unprecedented step, the big leap the continent needs to mingle with the big leagues.

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Ghana: A Country with Plans

One of the most important aspects of Ghana’s new plans with the International Monetary Fund program is the phasing out of the Bank of Ghana’s (BoG) financing of the budget deficit to 5 percent of the previous year’s revenue in FY15E, and 0 percent from FY16E, which is expected to slow cedi weakness, implying rate cuts from 2016 are likely.

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Youthful Enthusiasm: Fool’s Errand or a Call for Political Process Reform?

Africa has one of the largest youth population. Yet the average African President or leader look more like the continent’s aging infrastructures than the modern technology in terms of diversity. Yet, few stopped to ask if the countries and people are truly being well served by electing these aging leaders or analyze its process to see if anything should be changed to that process.

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