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Youthful Enthusiasm: Fool’s Errand or a Call for Political Process Reform?

Africa has one of the largest youth population. Yet the average African President or leader look more like the continent’s aging infrastructures than the modern technology in terms of diversity. Yet, few stopped to ask if the countries and people are truly being well served by electing these aging leaders or analyze its process to see if anything should be changed to that process.

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On Governance, Leadership and Citizenry in Africa: Time is of Essence, Let’s not Waste it

In this march to strengthen democracy and governance we also need to close the gap between young people and their leaders. Africa’s greatest resource is the energy and talents of its youth. The young generation is becoming the overwhelming majority, the one that is going to vote… or not. We must not let it lose faith in “democracy.” We need to find ways of listening to our young people, our citizens’ majority. It is their potential, after all, which will decide our continent’s future.  Let’s not waste it.

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