March 25, 2019

Peter Tabichi, a Kenyan Science educator who is credited with improving his students’ chances of achieving their educational goals by providing them with the educational support and resources they need to stay in school, qualify for international competitions in science and engineering and apply to attend college, has been rewarded for his efforts with a Global Teacher Prize, which comes with a $1 million prize.

The award, now in its fifth year and given by Varkey Foundation at a ceremony during the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai, honors one exceptional educator from around the world. Mr. Tabishi, who teaches secondary school students in a rural village in Kenya, was picked from a list of 10,000 applicants.

During his acceptance speech, Tabichi thanked his father-a primary-school teacher, who after his wife died, raised and instilled in Peter and his siblings Christian values. He invited father on stage to join him and handed him the award..

Upon hearing the news, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said in a statement that Tabichi’s success is the story gives him “faith that Africa’s best days are ahead of us and your story will light the way for future generations.”

Dubia’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum presented the prize to Tabichi on Sunday during a ceremony hosted by actor Hugh Jackman at the Global Education and Skill Forum in Dubai.