September 3, 2019

Two major American telecommunication companies, AT&T Inc and American Tower Corporation said Tuesday they have signed a long-term agreement that will help amplify the deployment of 5G network and other next generation technology across the U.S.

The contract, structured for mutual growth through a simplified leasing process and expanded site development services, will enhance performance of public safety’s dedicated, nationwide communications platform as well as provide higher quality internet speeds and overall performance. This includes a focus on keeping up with booming mobile data usage while improving capacity and coverage across the entire country, especially in underserved rural areas.

AT&T Vice President of Tower Strategy and Roaming J.R. Wilson said the deal is not only necessary for the execution of both its 5G and other networks developments, it designed to drive efficiency and flexibility improvements directly benefiting the company’s speed in deploying the latest technologies, “It ultimately helps us better serve our customers and first responders nationwide.”

Speaking about the partnership, Steve Vondran, President – U.S. Tower Division, American Tower Corporation, added that “we look forward to this new phase of our long-standing relationship with AT&T. This agreement provides for an extended mutually rewarding strategic relationship, and we’re excited to help AT&T deliver the next generation of wireless technology to consumers, businesses and first responders quickly and efficiently.”