November 8, 2016


HSBC Global Asset Management’s Global General Counsel Sandie Okoro has been named Senior Vice President and General Counsel for the World Bank Group.

Ms. Okoro, a British national, will be in change of the Bank’s Legal Vice Presidency, which is responsible for all legal services provided to internal and external clients and will serve as the Bank’s spokesperson and principal adviser on all legal matters, including as a legal adviser to the Board, management, the Inspection Panel, and the chief executive officer of the Global Environmental Facility Program.

Ms. Sandie Okoro has been lauded by World Bank President Jim Yong Kim as “a highly regarded thought leader in international finance."

Ms. Sandie Okoro has been lauded “as a highly regarded though leader” in international finance by the World Bank President Jim Yong Kim.

Ms. Okoro played a leadership role during the financial crisis particularly in respect to the mitigation of counterparty risk exposure.

The World Bank President Jim Yong Kim describes Ms. Okoro as “a highly regarded thought leader with a strong track record of developing new legal approaches in the field of international finance,” and added that “her experience managing legal and financial risks at global financial institutions will make her a great asset for the Bank Group and our Board.”

Ms. Okoro, who currently serves on the Management Board and Panel of Experts of The Hague-based Panel of Recognized International Market Experts in Finance worked previously at London-based Baring Asset Management Ltd as the global General Counsel.


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