February 3, 2016

Nigerian government said it has agreed to work together with the Italian government on intelligence sharing, capacity building and provision of logistics to enhance the operations of the Nigeria police.

The deal was signed during Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s visit to the State House in Abuja and underscored a forging relationship between the two countries on energy, security, agriculture, immigration, human and drug trafficking, infrastructure and education iagendas.

Speaking during a bilateral meeting held in Abuja, President Buhari and Prime Minister Renzi said they will continue to work together on these issues in addition to other burgeoning trade relationships between the countries.

In his remarks, Mr. Renzi said his country will support Nigeria in the ongoing fight against corruption, terrorism and also encourage Italian companies to invest more in sectors that will enable growth and create jobs for Nigerians like power, agriculture and solid minerals.


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