May 19, 2015

The Africa Center board named Dana Reed as its newest member.

Ms. Reed, who is the chief executive officer of PanAfrica Investment company, a New York City-based investment firm that invests in Africa, joins the institution as it begins a new chapter in fine-tuning and realizing its mission as a hybrid cultural, public policy and international business forum institution.

Ms. Reed, a mother of eight year old twin boys, has been with PanAfrica Investment for years, manages the firm’s daily business activities and oversees its investment decisions.

She came to PanAfrica Investment from Semper Capital where she was the managing director. She also has worked in executive positions at various private financial institutions. She began her career as a Fellow at the Export-Import Bank of United States.

The appointment was announced Tuesday.

Ms. Reed’s appointment brings the board total to six, led by Hadeel Ibrahim and Chelsea Clinton.

Ms. Reed’s arrival at the multidisciplinary institution will add a much needed fresh perspective and business expertise the Center needs as its tries to fasten its pace after a long slow start stymied by limited financing.

She will oversee the Center’s fundraising campaign goals -as it work toward realizing the completion of its facility located at Fifth Avenue and Central Park, help develop and strengthen transatlantic ties and help it navigate the relations between the Center and the local Harlem community.

Ms. Reed who lives in Harlem said in a statement that she excited to join the Center’s board of trustees and “look forward to working with Michelle Gavin and the other Trustees to realize the vision for creating a center specifically for Africa that will spark cross-cultural dialogue and promote a broader and deeper understanding of African issues.”

The Africa Center, whose vision is to help navigate and span African policy, business and culture has gone through a series of changes lately. The Center dismissed most of its Board members and in March, chose former U.S. Ambassador to Botswana Michelle Gavin as its managing director.

Ms. Gavin, the newly appointed managing director of the Center, said she’s excited and looking forward to be working with Ms. Reed, “who brings both local and global perspective to The Africa Center’s team. With her boundless energy, passion for the project, and instincts for smart partnerships, she will be a great asset to The Africa Center as we create a dynamic new institution to showcase the best content from the African continent.”

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