Tunisian Ons Jabeur took home the second prize in Wimbledon Championship Ladies’ Singles final while Angella Okutoyi and her teammate Rose Marie Njikamp won their Girls’ double set final on Saturday, July 9, 2022.

By Africa Bazaar Staff Writer

July 10, 2022

If you’re not a fan of tennis, you would probably be oblivion to these two African female tennis stars and their names: Tunisian Ons Jabeur and Kenyan Angella Okutoyi, who both made history on Saturday at the 2022 Wimbledon Championships Finals, joining a unique global list of tennis nobilities.

While 27 year old Jabeur came second in the ladies’ singles championship final, Okutoyi, 18, and her Dutch teammate Rose Marie Njikamp of Netherland claimed victory against Canadian pair Kayla Cross and Victoria Mboko in the Girls’ doubles final set.

The women, who both came from modest beginnings in the tennis world and quickly rose up the ranks with their talents, dedication, perseverance and skills, are inspiring fans across the world, including women and girls in their hometowns.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta lauded Okutoyi’s historic win at Wimbledon as a “momentous achievement” that has not only lifted Kenya’s profile to the top in the world of tennis, but that will also inspire a generation of young players to excel in the sport.

Never one to miss an opportunity, some African sports fans have used Okutoyi’s victory to urge President Kenyatta and other African leaders to invest in athletes like Okutoyi and women’s sports in general by releasing fund for sports teams to participate in tournaments like volleyball, hockey, rugby, and women’s football.

Joy Muballe wrote on twitter, “Dear Statehouse, she needs sponsorship so that she can travel and play enough international tournaments to go from amateur to the pro circuit.”

Keru Zach wrote, “Yes, congratulations everyone can give, but you [Mr. President] be the one to make the difference. Now that she is about to be a senior player where she needs financial support to be able to keep her world rankings high, SPONSOR Her!

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