September 30, 2015


SAP said its job boosting initiative in Africa, SAP Skills for Africa, has now launched in South Africa.

The South Africa’s chapter, a collaboration between SAP Africa, local SAP customers and partners, including BMW, Accenture, represents a share unified mission among the businesses to promote economic growth and sustainable job creation in South Africa.

SAP Skills for Africa initiative is a program the technology company launched in 2013 to help address unemployment among educated youth on the continent and the scarcity of ICT and business skills. Since then, the program has been successfully implemented in Kenya, Nigeria and Morocco.

The South Africa chapter will help train and mentor 75 young South Africans chosen from a list of 1,000 applicants that underwent rigorous testing and interviewing procedures and upon successful completion of the program, each student will have the opportunity to intern with one of the SAP partners and customers participating in the program.

The initiative is also partnering with Maharishi Institute to cosponsor a new SAP Dual Study program, aimed at giving current students in universities across the continent opportunity to obtain SAP technical certification during their final two years of studying for a Bachelor’s degree. The program will build upon the successful SAP Scholarship program that has seen unemployed graduates in several African countries trained and certified in Sap-International recognized certification. This prepares them to enter the workforce better prepared and arm with both academic and industry-relevant qualifications.

The company said it represents the next “era in training of relevant ICT skills to proactively address current and future skills requirements.

The launch will see SA chapter will also see SAP employees volunteering to mentor all of the students.


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