October 1, 2015


Samsung Electronics SA has joined forces with eNCA, South Africa’s news service, to provide video-TV news-on-demand to its users via a purpose-built eNCA smart TV app.

The partnership is part of the electronics company’s efforts to set itself apart from its competitors as the African markets become more competitive to technology companies as news brands and investors like Facebook and Google enter the markets.

The companies said the deal will provide Samsung Smart TV’s users with news on demand videos from eNCA with additional access to text and images via the Smart TV app, which has been designed with a simple, clean and easy interface navigation for an enhanced user’s experience to complement the features on eNCA website.

The news inserts on the app complement those featured on the eNCA website and the app’s emphasis is on video stories supportably by minimal text for a rich visual experience.

This service is available by selecting the special eNCA ticker option which runs the latest headlines at the door of the screen. Users can simply select video news through the television remote to watch immediately or save it for viewing later. Users can also access images and text on eNCA website via the Smart TV app for more in-depth news or supplementary news stories.

Matthew Thackrah, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics SA, said, Samsung is always looking for ways to add value and this partnership will give Samsung Smart TV owners the convenience to “actively select the stories they want to learn more about, at their convenience.”

He added that “The eNCA app is innovative and its popularity is proof that it is indeed enriching and enhancing the Smart TV experience. Our consumers are now able to watch the news on their terms-as and when they want to. They can also keep up to date with the latest headlines while watching TV.,”

eNCA, which launched in 2008 as a 24 hours TV news service in South Africa, currently attracts more than two million viewers a week, according to the company. The company subsequently launched a web platform in 2013.

Timothy Spira, Online division General Manager at eNCA, said the company is “proud to deliver South Africa’s first video-rich TV news app in partnership with Samsung. When they approached us to partner in developing and promoting a purpose-built eNCA app, we embraced the opportunity to be present on the leading Smart TV as a leading channel that will keep growing in popularity as it combines the large screen experience of TV with the rich interactivity of a connected device.”

The eNCA Smart TV app is the second most popular app among Samsung Smart TV users.

Last month, Samsung announced an exclusive partnership with South African Airways to provide enhanced travelers’ experience for the carrier’s business passengers.

Under the deal, Samsung will provide inflight entertainment to business passengers through its Samsung tablets on selected three hours and longer-haul flights of Samsung tablets.

The partnership, which SAA will initially launch on its Mauritius route, aims to deliver a smarter, more suitable in-flight environment for South Africa’s national airline customers,” said Director of Corporate marketing and Communication at Samsung Electronics Micheal Potgierter.

The company said the tablets will be preloaded with unique content from South African, African and international content that addresses the passengers’ interests such as magazines, movies, news and music. Travelers will be able to conveniently access information anywhere.

Samsung, Microsoft and SAA, collaborated to develop the customized application for regional flights.

The expansions of many domestic and international businesses across the continent have led to increase in business traveling among business executives with demands for better airline services and convenience such as in-flight multimedia systems that can replicate, or even transcend what they are accustomed to on the ground.

And as results, increasingly, airline companies are looking for new and innovative ways to keep customers satisfy and happy, and one way of validating their commitment to customers is through partnership with technology firms to grow and enrich customers’ expectations and thereby, their value proposition.

The deal came about “after an extensive study, it was clear that executive travelers demand an in-flight multimedia systems that can replicate, or even transcend what they are accustomed to on the ground. As a result, we have customized the tablet to meet the specific and unique requirements of the SAA business class passenger,” said Potgierter.

He added that during trial tests with SAA, passengers responded that they rated convenience and relevant information sources as key, while traveling.

“This relationship enables us to showcase the comfort accessibility and content advantages that a Samsung tablet offers,” said Potgieter.

“Our association with Samsung is aligned with our business philosophy and sets us apart from our competitors, where no such offering currently exists. As a premier brand we constantly evolve the offering to our customers, this new and improved on-board experience alongside premium mobile Samsung devices will further augment our position as a full service and innovative airline,” said South African Airways Chief Commercial Officer Sylvain Bosc.

“This validates our commitment to deliver the latest product innovation and value added services to consumers. Core to this offering is to provide business traveler with an experience that meets their evolving needs in order to enhance their journey with SAA,” said Potgieter.


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