January 11, 2016


Legendary English singer and multifaceted artist David Bowie died at aged 69 after 18 months battling cancer.

Bowie, who concurrently celebrated his 69th birthday and released his latest album, “Blackstar” last Friday, was married to Iconic Somalian international supermodel and business woman Iman, with whom he shared a daughter.

He died peacefully Sunday surrounded by family after an 18-month battle with cancer, his representative said.

Bowie’s nearly 50 years influential career spanned styles, genres and generations, including rock, soul, dance pop, punk and electronica. He recently was working on the off broadway show, Lazarus, which he co-wrote.

Celebrities, politicians, clerics, and musicians, whose lives he has touched though music, paid tribute to Bowie, including  Prime Minister David Cameron , who described the singer a “master of reinvention” and said his death is “a huge loss.” The Vetican’s culture minister tweeted David Bowie’s song “Space Oddity” as a tribute.

Bowie was scheduled to be honored this spring at the Carnegie Hall in New York.

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