May 1, 2015

Tapping into American’s renewed interest in Africa’s cultural affairs, the New York African Film Festival goes back to its roots to showcase the continent’s abundance cinematic riches as its 22nd edition kicks off May 1, at the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

The festival, a month-long of cultural activities, was founded to engage, and enlighten New Yorkers about the African diaspora community in New York by showcasing the continent’s eclectic culture through films and documentaries. Similar to the Tribeca film festival, the African Film Festival’s impetus has been to drive filmmakers, the film industry and public together to create a community sense. The African film Festival has also been a launching pad for many unknown African filmmakers, actors and artists.

The renewed attention on Africa has been a major plus for the festival this year as its support from major donors has increased, enabling it to offer more programs to audience. It expects its audience to increase.

This year’s festival begins with a live performance and panel discussion moderated by journalist Femi Oke and wrap up with film screenings at BAM Rose Cinemas. In between, there’s an extraordinary diverse program to see.

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