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Orange Group Taps Afrostream To Develop Video-on-Demand Market in Africa, Europe

If recent mobile technology deals are indications of where mobile technology and its related industry are headed in Africa, mobile video-on-demand streaming services could be the next big thing. At least according to recent moves made by French multinational telecommunications company, Orange, S.A., which recently invested in Afrostream, a Netflix-like subscription video-on-demand service for the African and European markets.

Across Africa, the expanding use of modern technologies has led to African entrepreneurs creatively trying to find solutions to Africa’s development problems and as well as develop new entertainment products specific for their markets.

Orange joins a clout of investors who in recent months, including a Silicon Valley-based seed accelerator, Y Combinator, that have funneled money into the SVOD streaming service company, to help propel it to compete with other aspiring Netflix-wannabe companies, and African entertainment iRoko entertainment targeting people in the continent and Africans in the Diaspora.

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